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Your source for pricing strategy

You do everything you can to beat your competitors. You keep your eye out. When they change, you respond. When you change, they respond. How do you gain a competitive advantage?

Welcome to GSA at CompetitorEye. The Premiere solution for obtaining critical competitor intelligence when you need it. On your schedule.

Why am I here? And how can CompetitorEye help me?

  • CompetitorEye monitor's the current selling conditions of items you import into our system. You do not need to sell the items yourself which makes our system a great resource for market research as well as for current market conditions. All we need is the CPN,MFR that you used to create or associate the item on GSA. Which can be imported here.

  • Once imported, you can schedule a report to run, or click "Run Now" from the dashboard. Extremely easy system configuration can be found here.

  • Upon report completion, you will be emailed (or FTP'd) the raw data (for your own analysis) as well as be able to review the report online by going to report management. The top most report is the most recent. Once clicked, you can filter or segment your report to show you where you are price wise in relation to other contractors. And a suggested repricing directive based on your configuration.

Why is having my competitors current pricing information important to me?

In short....       SALES!    If your pricing is not in line with your competition. You are missing out in valuable sales and therefore profit. (read more)

Your report will contain the following data elements in a quoted column comma seperated .csv:

  • ScanDate The timestamp of the data collection
  • CPN The CPN you provided to GSA and CompetitorEye. Otherwise known as "Contractor's Part Number" or SKU
  • MFR Manufacturer. Required by GSA in conjunction with your CPN for matching to products
  • Title The item title
  • UPC May contain UPC and / or ISBN, etc. depending on item type
  • MPN Manufacturers Part Number
  • ImageURL URL to the item image on GSA's site. May not be fully qualified.
  • Weight The weight in pounds of the item
   Item Information
  • YourPrice Although you may be listed in the "P" and / or "C"x data elements as a seller, we separate this priority data for you into these columns
  • YourQIB Your quantity in box or package
  • YourRank Your ranking as a seller for this item. 1 being optimal.
  • Directive or 'minimum sale price (MSP)'; Your GSA repricing directive amount if configured.
  • Start or 'start selling price (SSP)'; Your GSA default price.
  • P "Priority" This is #1 ranked contractor as is the default "add to cart" optimum position
  • PP "Priority" Price.
  • PQIB "Priority" quantity in box or package
  • PA Shipment days

    X loops through 1 to 10 Featured priority selling contractors depending on your inclusion specifications (such as "Woman Owned Business" only, etc.)
  • CX Contractor
  • CXP Price
  • CXQIB Quantity in box or package
  • CXA Shipment days
Why is it important to "win" the Priority or Featured placement?
   Contractors Selling Information

At only a 6 cents per item, scheduled or on-demand reporting, it just doesn’t get any easier.

Try our free evaluation with absolutely no charge to you -- no setup fees, no long-term contracts, no commitment. Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3!
  • First: Create an account. Define your company, contact and merchant information.
  • Next: Using our mapping technology or your own import feeds, define the products you wish to monitor.
  • Finally: Set your report schedules, and make things happen!
You can literally be up and running in less than 5 minutes, and without paying a dime. No setup fees, no long term contracts.
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