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"Priority", "Featured" and "Outside" pricing structure on GSA

Becoming the “Priority” owner is typically the goal of many contractors. It provides the often extremely busy procurer the ability to easily “add to cart” without having to scroll through lists of other selling contractors, and as we all know “below the fold” sellers typically are not even viewed.

This makes placement in the “Priority” a must! A simple and quick “add to cart” and off the purchaser goes. The “Priority” or add to cart contractor fulfilling the order without the user ever having to select a contractor at all. The system did it automatically, for this reason "owning" “Priority” placement is critical.

Almost as important as “Priority” placement are the top 10 “Featured” contractors . These are the first 10 contractors in the list. These contractors do not have the “Priority” placement but many times are viewed and selected by the procurer depending on shipment times, business status, etc. Anything outside of the “Priority” and “Featured” placement is named just that “Outside” and should be considered your highest priority items as these have almost no oppertunity to be selected for item fulfillment.

If pricing can be adjusted to get your organization in the “Priority” or “Featured” placement, it should be done straight away. And with CompetitorEye’s reporting and analysis, we can help fix this with the least amount of work hours possible! In fact our dashboard pie charts as well as report breakdown can show you your high priority “Outside” listings and exactly what pricing adjustments should be made based on your repricing rules. It really couldn’t be simpler.

For simplicity, the examples below are price-sort based. However depending on your needs, you can tune the criteria or "focus" of the priority, featured and outside based on flags and types such as only "Woman owned business" and exclude contractors not meeting your criteria. Adjusting your "report focus" allows you to base your data on only those contractors of a type you want to compete with, instead of all contractors.


Highlighted in Green in 2 places as well as default fullfiller upon "Add to cart" click.


Top 10 contractors in the list after Priority placement.

Rest of the sellers "Outside" of the Priority and Featured list


The rest of the contractors nobody is going to see.....
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