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Asin to item mapping

Product Catalog Upload

We simply need your Contractor Part No. (CPN) otherwise known as "ItemNumber" and MFR (Manufacturer) or "mfrName" and MSP (optional) for each item you wish us to monitor

You may manually import your CPN, MFR and MSP (Minimum Selling Price; optional) list below or we can automatically import your most current list via FTP. We would do this hours before your scheduled report.

Any item previously imported into CompetitorEye not in your current import will be deactivated from further monitoring, making it easy to stay up-to-date with the items your selling on GSA.

CautionThis option is only available to our clients. Please sign in or create an account to continue.

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  • Click to download  (.csv)   (.xlsx) all active for monitoring CPN,MFR's. Patients after clicking as it may take a moment to build.
 Please note. Import is expecting CPN and then MFR. Importing in reverse order will not produce results.
 CPN,MFR,MSP (One set per line)   Loading large lists of items may take some time, please allow the page to completely redraw once import begins.

Import file   

Dont currently have access to your item catalog? Have us obtain the CPN & MFR's for you!

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