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Account Dashboard

Account Dashboard

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Getting Started:

Tools and Reports:

  • Historical Reports
    Raw reports FTP'd or emailed to you are stored online for up to thirty days allowing you the ability to retrieve previous and current reports as well as extended online reporting.

    Within this tool, you can trend specific Items by your ID or GSIN across all available reports or review specific reports and filter by:
    • Priority. Filters to only those items you owned the Priority during that specific run.
    • Featured Filters to items in which you do not own the Priority but are in the lineup.

    Review complete: Import / Export counts and percentages.

  • Search GSA for UPC, MPN, or any search phrase.
    Marketing research? We can help locate items and current priority sellers in bulk based on your keywords.

  • Import items directly from GSA
    Dont have access to your item list or wish to load another contractors item list for analysis?

  • CPN Analysis
    Analyze your catalog for alternate items you could / should be selling as well. (Duplicates)

  • Invoice / Payments
    View your current and previous invoices.

  • Deductions
    View your account deductions.

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