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We keep your information in the strictest of confidence. We do not share your information with any third party. Not even GSA.
At CompetitorEye, we understand confidentiality.

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No setup fees, no long-term contracts. Pay only what you wish to have reported.

We'll even start you off with an account balance, so you can obtain a partial report for review -- at no cost to you at all.

Special Information: Your Login and password are your way "back-in" to the system.

Login:     This will be your login name, typically your email address or merchant name .
Password:     At least 5 characters in length.
    Please retype your password for validation.
Email:     Don't worry, we will NEVER share your information with any outside entity.

Company & Contact Information: Held in the strictest of confidence.         Privacy policy

Contractor:     The company name you are known as on GSA.
GSA Contract #:     Your GSA "Contract Number". Every GSA Seller is assigned a uniquie identifier.
Phone:     The best number to reach you during business hours.

File IO: You have the ability to review existing reports online and to manually import online however we can load from your FTP server if you prefer. We can also write your report to your FTP server as well as providing it online for up to thirty days for review.

Import file name:      One CPN,MFR per line.     (.xls or .csv file types)
Export / Report name:     Leave blank for a unique time stamp .csv each report     (.xls or .csv file types)

Auto report run: You can start a report from the dashboard at any time, run reports on your schedule, only when you need them. And/or schedule reports below.

For your convenience, we allow you to designate a timeframe to start a scheduled report. Choose start date/time.







  * Reports can take anywhere from minutes to days to complete, depending on the item count. If a report is still gathering data when a new report is scheduled to start. The original report will continue until complete.

Contractor Inclusions: CompetitorEye can exclude contractors from your reports / repricing directives that do not meet your criteria, otherwise known as your "Report Focus". By default all contractors selling the item can be included in your reporting and then filtered to the top 11 (Priority and Featured). For example, leaving all checked will provide the unfiltered top 11 sellers. Yet if only "Woman Owned business" is selected, only contractors of that classification will be in your filtered report and pricing directives will be based solely on that criteria instead of all contractors.

Include in reporting contractors that are:

You may exclude contractor's and their pricing from being included
in your reporting by contractor #  


Repricing Directives: CompetitorEye has the ability to generate a repricing directive based on the included contractors pricing and include it in your report. This can be done in a match price or beat price scenario and provides an extremely powerful means of reviewing / segmenting priority items based on what you "should" do with its pricing. This repricing directive is included in your reports.    What is Priority, Featured, etc? (Opens alternate window)

Beat by: %
And/Or beat by: $
Lowball Avoidance: % Avoid matching or beating Priority contractors who's pricing is outside this percentage of the next seller.

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